Sunday, March 16, 2014

Maternity Leave #2!


I was sooooo ready to be done work this time around!  I worked about 5 weeks longer than I did with Will and that was enough.  I was done at 30 weeks with Will and 35 weeks with this one.  What a huge difference that 5 weeks can make!  I felt rather self indulgent when I went off work with Will.  At first anyway….then Will was born and I realized just how important that time to myself was.  So I did it again this time :)  I strongly encourage everyone to take that extra month or two…if you can.

I have a list of things to do just like last time.  But this time it is less running around trying to gather all the last minute things for the baby because we already have it.  It is more about getting a pedicure, a manicure, getting my hair done…maybe some new soft bedsheets, pretty pyjamas etc.  More about me ;)

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I would like this year to go by.  I know it will be fast and new and exciting.  With Will we really wanted to spend about a day after he was born as just us.  But the excitement took over and we called all the people and I was so excited I didn't sleep for about three days.  Which was wonderful!  But when battling nursing problems and the onset of PPD it probably wasn't the best idea…hindsight.

This time we would like to take that time to ourselves.  We are going to be selfish.  Just a day with our little baby and kids to snuggle and watch movies.  And gradually join the world again guilt free.  Of course we'll want to visit with everyone too and we may not be able to fight the urge!  And may not even try ;)  But I think for me it will be important to allow myself to do what I need at the time.

I think what I have learned from when Will was born is that it is about us.  No one else.  We won't be afraid to tell people that today we need a short visit, or no visiting, or I need someone here with me, or everyone come over to play and snuggle!!

Anyway, back to home life…..we are all loving me being home all the time.  Everyone is so relaxed and I really feel like I'm on top of things.  I was doing about a 55% job share and then went back full time to build up my maternity leave benefits.  It was tough with a big family at home.  Not something we plan on doing again.  Right now we are enjoying being the 5 of us and getting more and more excited to be 6!

There.  Kind of a random blog of ramblings.  But gotta get back at it to keep the family informed ;)
Time to get back to spoiling myself and my kids!

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